Co-sleeping with your newborn

Becoming a parent is one of the most memorable moments in life. 

It comes with great happiness, love and new experiences, but also often with a series of questions and (at least in my case) a significant reduction of sleep.

Every parent wants to protect her/his baby keeping it safe and close.  Especially in the first 6 to 12 months.  
One of these questions that might arise is whether or not to co-sleep with the baby.  
It feels natural and good to have your baby close, but is it also safe to co-sleep with your newborn?

We have selected two bedside cribs that are safe to use for co-sleeping and give you 10 reasons why co-sleeping has a positive effect on both you and your baby.

What is a co-sleeper or bedside crib?

The term co-sleeping is usually used for sleeping with your baby in the same bed. Research has confirmed that this is beneficial on several levels for both mother and child.

But as this is not without risk, most experts discourage discourage sleeping sharing the same bed with your baby.  A bedside crib, that is levelled out and attached to your bed eliminates these risks, offering you the opportunity to stay close without having to worry about your child's safety.

10 reasons to start co-sleeping (using a bedside crib)

For your baby

1. Co-sleeping promotes secure attachment
Feeling more safe and secure close to the mother enhances the adhesion of the baby to the mother.
2. Your baby will be sleeping more and better
The baby has less stress causing it to fall asleep faster and better. 
3. Your baby will have a more regular body temperature and heart rate
Children that sleep close by there parents have a more stable temperature and heart rate which reduces the risk on SIDS.
4. Safety
As the crib is still separate from the parents bed, there is no risk of overheating or suffocation.
5. Reduces the effect of reflux
Cribs (like the bednest) can easily be put slanted making your baby less affected by reflux.
6. Less dependent and promote confidence in the long term
Babies who sleep close to their parents are more independent and require less transition objects because they just do not experience separation anxiety. They are also less prone to thumb sucking or getting overly attached to stuffed animals or other objects.

For mom

7. Will be sleeping more and better
If your baby is sleeping well, the mother is having a more qualitative rest as well.
The average length of the time that mother and baby are awake is shorter compared with babies who sleep in a separate room and who'll also need attention to fall asleep again.
8. Eases breast feeding 
The proximity of your baby encourages breastfeeding.
9. Strengthens the bond between mother and child
Again, the baby's proximity strengthens the bond between mother and child.

For dad

10. Will be sleeping better
Often forgotten...but all of the above affect men as well :)

Why Bmini chooses the Bednest?

If you're looking for the top of the class bedside crib, the Bednest is what you're looking for.

In terms of design, quality and functionality the Bednest is leaving the competition far behind.
We used a Bednest for our third child and really regretted that we hadn't bought this earlier.

It would have, without doubt, saved us many difficult nights!

Features of the Bednest:

  • 3-in-1 principle:
    You use it not only as a bedside crib and moses basket, it's also a great travel cot! 
  • Easy to open and close:
    The bed is very cleverly designed, making it, even when tired, very easy open and close.
  • Easy to carry:
    Folded up it becomes super compact. 
  • Easily slanted 
    Which is just what you need in case your baby has reflux or is coughing.
  • Attaches easily to the bed
  • Aesthetically
    It's well designed and manufactured with care for detail.
  • All included:
    You get everything including: the bed, the standard, the mattress, straps and instructions. 
    All you need are cover sheets. The mattress is made of standard latex and 4 cm thick.

Why Bmini chooses Micuna?

What you see is what you get: a robuust, in 14 heights adjustable bedside crib at a fair price.
The Micuna co-sleeper just brings you a lot of value for your money!

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